The Dharma Project is an Atlanta-based nonprofit that provides self-care practices to public service organizations

Our Mission

The Dharma Project brings self care in the form of mindfulness and yoga to communities and organizations that experience high levels of stress and/or trauma.


Everyone - no matter their race, location, gender, sexual orientation, or financial state - should have access to tools and practices to care for themselves.

Rutu Chaudhari, The Dharma Project, Atlanta, Georgia

meet the executive director

Rutu Chaudhari

The Dharma Project was founded in 2016 in Atlanta, Georgia and is led by Rutu Chaudhari, who brings over 17 years of experience in teaching yoga and mindfulness. Driven by the intention to diversify the audience of people who teach and benefit from the practices of yoga and mindfulness, the Dharma Project has partnered with organizations such as Decatur Housing Authority, the Community Foundation of Greater Atlanta, the Stewart Center, Odyssey Counseling Center, Chris180, and Greening Youth to bring yoga to over 150 community members and leaders. In addition, in 2017, the Dharma Project has launched programs to serve police officers from 3 precincts in Atlanta and over 20 teachers across the metro Atlanta area. The Dharma Project was selected as a winner of the United Way of Greater Atlanta’s SPARK Prize and Rutu was named “Best Yoga Teacher in Atlanta” by Creative Loafing, was awarded the 2016 Civic Innovation Fellowship through the Center for Civic Innovation, and received an investment from SPANX founder Sara Blakely for her work.