The Dharma Project is an Atlanta-based nonprofit that provides self-care practices to public service organizations

At-Promise center

Yoga and Mindfulness with Police Officers and At-Risk Teens. This weekly program allows police officers and young adults given an alternative to juvenile detention centers to participate in practices like meditation, deep breathing and yoga together. Along with providing each individual with tools and practices that will help them be at their mental and physical best, this initiative is designed to improve the interaction between officers and at-risk teens by providing a safe environment to cultivate trust and empathy.


booker t. washington high school


Each semester a group of students from Washington High School participate in a weekly yoga and mediation class during school hours. They learn techniques to reduce pain in their body, release mental and emotional stress and increase their ability to focus and interact with staff and other students with respect and kindness.


police officers


Our police officers need tools and practices that will help them be at their mental and physical best.Their work directly impacts our communities and their wellness should be a priority for us all. Yoga helps officers address not only the physical pain and discomfort caused by the nature of their work, but also the mental and emotional stress that comes with a high intensity job like law enforcement. The dharma Project has visited over 15 police precincts and exposed over 200 police officers to the benefits of yoga and meditation.

Meditation at Washington High